International Trips

Since 2012 Golden Arrow has been organizing a couple of international dive trips every year, with destinations like Bonaire, Belize, Grand Cayman, Turks and Caicos, Truk Lagoon & Palau, to name a few. As for our classes and local trips, we offer all types of diving from recreational Open Water to Cave, Rebreather and Tec Diving trips. Here’s what we have in plan for 2018, but it is not limited to those destinations. If you would like a specific destination, we’ll be pleased to help you make it happen.

April 6th to 14th 2018 Bonaire Drive & Dive 2018

Bonaire, with its fringing reefs in close proximity to the shore, about 80 official dive sites, calm waters and good visibility has something to offer for every diver. With the Dive and Drive package at Buddy Dive, their custom dive boats invite you to explore the beautiful marine life during a guided dive, or enjoy the convenience of the unique Drive Thru to explore the island's underwater world at your own pace.

July 20th to 30th 2018 El Hierro and Lanzarote (Canary Islands)

On this very special trip will visit 2 of the most famous diving destination the Canary Islands has to offer. The Canary Islands is one of Europe's best dive destination, with crystal clear warm water year round. The coastlines of El Hierro are steep, with an absence of sand beaches but plenty of natural coves of volcanic formations that seduces all who step on the island. The southeast half is framed by El Mar de las Calmas, an authentic wind sheltered area. Lanzarote is one of those places that do not leave anyone indifferent. Its amazing nature, its incredible landscape, its spectacular beaches, its intricate customs, its cuisine and above all the respect for the environment that is breathed on this island, make Lanzarote the ideal diving destination to enjoy.

December 6th to 14th 2018 Galapagos

For many, scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands is a lifetime ambition. The Pacific Ocean west of South America has long been a favorite for underwater addicts, but this small group of volcanic islands off the coast of Ecuador, elevates diving to another level. Galapagos scuba diving introduces visitors to a world of unprecedented natural beauty, containing life not found anywhere else, and a sense of wilderness that will appeal to any fan of the great outdoors. Diving is going to be from the exclusive liveaboard Nortada, which will have only 7 divers on board, so reserve your spot early not to stay out of that trip. We'll also witness the on land action which can be almost as enthralling as the ocean, again with much of the wildlife unique to these islands.