Golden Arrow will take you diving. Whether it´s a single day or several, whether you’re alone or with your buddy or with a bigger group, we´ll get you wet. And if none of our pre-designed packages fits your needs, we´re flexible. Get in touch with us and we´ll work something out.


Caribbean reefs? Easy wrecks? Dives on EANx/Nitrox? Yes, we´ll take you. Our packages include basically everything but the equipment. If you need to rent gear, see pricing at the bottom of this page. For Nitrox, just add $5 per dive. And if diving takes us to the La Caleta Underwater National Park, you’ll have to pay a small entrance fee.

$100 | 1 day 2 dives
$190 | 2 days 4 dives
$270 | 3 days 6 dives
$320 | 4 days 8 dives


Coming to visit cave diver´s paradise? Good. There´s lots to see. For cavern divers we have a few options where to take them, prices are for one day which usually will include two dives.

Cave divers have the burden of choice. There are so many caves. Choose from a long list of options, take a package, or consult us for recommendations. We will be happy to create a custom package together with you.

Our cave diving trips are usually out of Santo Domingo, as most caves are within one-day-driving range. Pedernales is the exception, we´ll have to stay there overnight. The packages include tanks, weights, transport, and guide. If you need to rent gear, see pricing at the bottom of this page. In most caves we need sherpas to help getting the tanks to the water, a tip of $2-6 per tank is customary, depending on distance and hassle. Also, in most caves the owners require an entrance fee which varies from $4 to $20 per day.

$120 | 1 day cavern diving
$180 | 1 day cave diving
$500 | Bayahibe Cave tour 3 days 4 caves
$640 | Sto. Dgo. Cave tour 4 days 5 caves
$840 | Pedernales Cave tour 3 days 4 caves

Technical Trimix, CCR

Down for some deep wreck? Wanna do a seemingly endless wall? In for some multi-tank multi-gas advanced trimix tech stuff? Or are rebreathers your thing? In any case, we will happily take you on any of those.

The packages include tanks, weights, transport, and guide. For dives using Trimix, the Helium is not included. Please inquire for actual gas prices. If you need to rent gear, see pricing at the bottom of this page.

$140 | 1 day technical diving
$140 | 1 day Trimix diving
$120 | 1 day CCR recreational
$150 | 1 day CCR technical
$150 | 1 day CCR cave

Rental Gear

Forgot something? Too heavy to carry it all while travelling? Wanna try something new or different? Not to worry. We are well equipped and able to provide you with any gear you might need. See pricing for most gear in the chart on the right. All prices are per day. For some accessories such as underwater lamps, dive computers, etc. please inquire for detailed pricing. Also, if you need a package for several items over several days, let´s talk.

$5 | recr. regulator
$8 | techn. regulator
$5 | recr. BC
$8 | techn. BC
$4 | short wetsuit
$8 | long wetsuit
$8 | single tank
$12 | double tank set
$00x | CCR O2ptima