Recreational diving comprises diving in open waters while respecting the no-decompression-stop limits. The courses offered in this category also lay the foundation for the more advanced types of diving.

Open Water Diver

This Program is designed to provide comprehensive training to those who wish to become SCUBA Divers, and to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to develop safe diving habits, a sense of confidence and responsibility.

  • Duration:4 days, 80 MBT*, 4 dives
  • Prerequisites
$400per Student

Advanced Open Water Diver

This mid-level Continuing Education Program is designed to enable IANTD Open Water Divers to extend their proficiency in the water and to gain more supervised practical experience. It will qualify a diver to dive to a maximum depth of 100 fsw (30 msw).

  • Duration: 3 days, 120 MBT*, 5 dives
  • Prerequisites
$280per Student

Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) Diver

This Program is designed to provide Sport Divers with a safer than air breathing medium for enjoying dives in the 40 to 130 fsw (12 to 39 msw) depth ranges. The diver may elect to dive the “mix” on EANx tables, or dive conservatively using air dive computers or air tables. This Program covers the use of EANx mixes in the range of 21% to a maximum of 40% oxygen.

$200per Student

COMBO: AOWD plus EANx Dive

We have a standing combo offer combining the Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air Nitrox courses.

  • Duration:3 days, 120 MBT*, 5-6 dives
  • Prerequisites
$410per Student

Rescue Diver

This Program is designed to develop proficiency in self- and buddy-rescue.

  • Duration:5 days, 120 MBT*, 5 diving sessions
  • Prerequisites
$400per Student

Diving first aid and CPR, Oxygen Administrator

These Programs are designed to teach divers how to manage diving accidents and other injuries that may occur at a dive site, how to perform CPR, and how to utilize and administer oxygen for dive accident management.

  • Duration:1 day each, 6 hours each
  • Prerequisites
$100Diving 1st aid & CPR
$100O2 Administrator

Super Combo: Rescue Diver + Diving first aid and CPR + Oxygen Administrator

This special offer combines the Recue Diver and the required 1st aid and O2 admin skills.

  • Duration: 6 days, 5 diving sessions, 2-3 1st aid and O2 admin sessions
  • Prerequisites
$500Rescue Combo Offer


This Program is designed to provide responsible training for those persons wishing to supervise divers. Divemasters may teach Snorkel Skin Diver. Divemasters may supervise, escort and assist in all Open Water SCUBA Diver Programs but cannot conduct SCUBA training exercises unless under the direction of a qualified Instructor.

  • Duration:May vary. DM candidates must assist in at least one complete OWD Program, one complete AOWD Program, and one complete Rescue Diver Program.
  • Prerequisites
$800per student

Open Water Sidemount Diver

This Program has been designed to familiarize divers with the techniques, equipment and mindset required for Sidemount diving, to enable them to proficiently assemble and use Sidemount equipment, and to teach divers the proper techniques to safely conduct dives that warrant the use of Sidemount equipment.

  • Duration:2 days, 120 MBT*, 4 dives
  • Prerequisites
$350per Student

Essentials Diver (OC, CCR)

This mid-level Specialty Continuing Education Diver Program is designed to enable the certifed diver to extend proficiency in the water and to review and put in practice the Essentials learned in any IANTD diver classes.These techniques and knowledge prepare a diver for more advanced recreational diving programs. The Essentials Diver course is recommended for all divers wishing to increase skill competency. NOTE: This course does not provide a deeper diving qualification to the diver

  • Duration:4 days, 240MBT*, 4 dives
  • Prerequisites
$500per Student

Self-Sufficient Diver

This Program has been designed to provide qualified divers with “self-supported - self-sufficient” training.

  • Duration:3 days, 90 MBT*, 4 dives
  • Prerequisites
$350per Student


In addition, we offer a wide variety of specialized diver programs. These programs have been developed to train divers to safely perform dives with specific objectives, in challenging environments, or with scuba gear and rigs that vary from the ones used in OW and AOW training. Some examples of such programs are: Night Diver Specialty (OC, SCR, CCR), Marine Ecology Specialty (OC, SCR, CCR), U/W Photography Specialty (OC, SCR, CCR), U/W Videography Specialty (OC, SCR, CCR), Open Water DPV Diver Specialty (OC, SCR, CCR), Underwater Theatrical Performer (OC, Long Hose Breathing), Public Safety Diver, Life Support Systems Service Technician, EANx Gas Blender, Trimix Gas Blender

  • Duration:Varies. Please inquire.
  • Prerequisites
Prices vary. Please inquire.

MBT* = Minutes of Bottom Time